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BC Vacation Pics

are over on my heidi2524 website, because I was having difficult uploading pics to LJ, which may have something to do with my semi-solid online connection, but they went up easier through WP, so there they are.

Less than $120 Needed

The project funded at $11,350 of the $8,888 goal!!!
With 65 hours to go, James A. Owen's Drawing Out The Dragons Kickstarter project is almost funded!  Any amount over the project goal will go toward a larger print run of the Drawing Out The Dragons book. Update #8 added another reward for all levels of sponsorship and also hinted at another reward once the project funds AND something special if the project achieves $10,000.
Drawing Out The Dragons ebook
If you have pledged, THANK YOU!

If you have a chance in the next 65 hours to spread the link love (http://tinyurl.com/JAODOTDKS), THANK YOU.

If you're still reading my updates about this project, seriously, *thank you so much*. July has been an incredible month for me and this project and James A. Owen are an integral part of the awesomeness I feel these days.


Which translates to James A. Owen's Drawing Out The Dragons Kickstarter Update Number Seven ... a special limited photoprint which has been added to every sponsorship reward from level $25 and up of the beautiful Samaranth dragon sculpture for the Here, There Be Dragons movie.

There's also another reward coming to everyone who pledges $5 or more once 100 backers have signed up to help make this project a reality. As of this post, only 4 more people are needed to make that happen.

My First Dragon Sketch

One of the artist trading cards I sent to the Sequim MAC exhibit was the first dragon I've drawn based on the instructions at the end of James A. Owen's Drawing Out the Dragons ebook.

drawing out my dragon heidi2524 atcI think it turned out pretty spiffy. Sharpie marker on white plastic, no pencil sketch first, just making choices about where the lines go.

You can buy the Drawing Out the Dragons ebook now.

You can also pledge at the Drawing Out The Dragons Kickstarter project to help create a paperback, hardback, and audio book versions. There are are 5 days left, and James has said a new reward related to the Here There Be Dragons movie will be opened once funding reaches the 3/4 mark.
There are 6 days left to help fund James A Owen's Drawing Out the Dragons Kickstarter Project, and only $2500 left to go.

Levar Burton has tweeted about it, so it's really easy for you to re-tweet his tweet and help spread the word.

James has opened up a new reward, so you get another shiny for your cashy money.

And some chick named Heidi said some stuff about why no matter level you pledge at, supporting a Kickstarter project means you support not only the creator of the project and the project itself, but everyone else who pledges to the project.

ATC Exhibit at Sequim MAC

My friend just called and the artist trading card exhibit we're going to see at the Sequim Museum & Arts Center in Washington doesn't mind if an out-of-state person mails their cards in for the exhibit.

Now I just have to decide which of my ATCs to send in.  :)
James A. Owen just posted a video update to his Drawing Out The Dragons Kickstarter project that shows off the rewards you receive for the different pledge levels ... Including two example dragon illustrations from his Imaginarium Geographica novels.

Go watch, then please pledge if you can and/or pass along the link. Thank you.


"Always, *always* ... "

This will be my last quote post to help get out the word regarding James A. Owen's Drawing Out The Dragons Kickstarter project.

Just the last quote post. You'll still see a few more posts about this project because there are still 12 days to go and over $5000 to raise.

And now the last two lines of the Afterwords page, and my favorite quote of the whole book:

"Always, always ask for what you want. Because the Universe might surprise you - and give it to you."

People often don't ask for things they want for several reasons. I'm going to toss out my reasons; yours may be similar or not.

- I don't think the answer will be "Yes"
- I don't have anything to offer in exchange
- I don't want to be laughed at
- I don't want to be seen as greedy
- I don't want to feel foolish when the answer is "No"

A lot of "don'ts" in that list, which shuts down possibilities before they even have a chance to get out of bed. You should at least let them get dressed and brush their teeth.

Another thing about that list ... I have a choice to change every one of those reasons.
Drawing Out The Dragons ebook
I believe the answer could be "Yes" - how awesome is that? What happens next?
What do I have to do to be ready?

I can find/create/research/propose/craft/build/network/something to offer in exchange.

I can change the phrasing and the feeling of what I don't want, into what I do want:
- I want to be taken seriously, therefore I need to ask in the right way, at the right time
- I want to be seen as helpful, therefore I need to be of service to others
- I want to know I tried even if it didn't work out, therefore I need to ask.

"Always, always ask for what you want. Because the Universe might surprise you - and give it to you."

And when it does, say "Thank you."

" ... everyone can draw four lines."

I'll be doing one more quote post to promote James A. Owen's Drawing Out The Dragons Kickstarter project tomorrow, my favorite quote from the whole book.

For tonight, an important quote from the book. One that I tried out, and will post to my artist trading card blog on July 20th, but will show you here and now.
Drawing Out My Dragons heidi2524 ATC

So, big deal, I drew a dragon.

Seriously, that is a BIG DEAL.

I can get around in Photoshop, collage up a storm, and probably doodle my way out of a paper bag if you let me use circles and squares, but didn't think I could ever draw something that looked like that without a hellova lot of practice.

That's my first dragon.

All I needed was someone to show me how.

And James did that, on page 93, of the Drawing Out the Dragons ebook. There are 6 images, which show how four lines become a dragon.

This whole book is one man showing you how he overcame health and financial hardships to lead the "charmed life" he now has. A charm bought and paid for in blood, sweat, and tears.
Drawing Out The Dragons ebook
I'm not going to say "if he did it, you can do it" because that feels like bullying and I've never liked that advice anyway.

How about "He did it. This is how he did it. You have the choice to do something just as great."

Because [here's the quote, from page 91]

"... everyone can draw four lines. Everyone. All you need is for someone who's drawn them
before to show you where they begin."
James posted an update to the Drawing Out The Dragons Kickstarter project that is an important read and reminder - Kickstarters are an all-or-nothing deal. There won't be a paperback to buy later if the project isn't funded in the next two weeks.

Now for a quote about one of the reasons I think this book should be required reading ...

First the context, taken from page 67 of the DotD ebook - after turning in book two of a series written by multiple authors, James received word that none of the other authors had written a single word.

(Reading this passage, I could see the light bulb flash on over James' head, brilliant white, because by this point in the book, you know he's going to do something to take advantage of this opportunity.)

And now the quote:
Drawing Out The Dragons ebook
"I went out and bought a case of Diet Dr. Pepper, then locked myself in the studio for a weekend."

If you want to know what he emerged with at the end of the weekend, you could pledge $5 to the DotD Kickstarter project and get all three ereader formats (MOBI/EPUB/PDF) and a signed bookmark featuring the cover art. ^_-

The significance of this quote to me is he did the work. As Thomas Edison has been quoted as saying, "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."

I prefer a Starbucks chai, but whatever your fix, if you see a gap, a hole, a place you could contribute for the benefit of others ... do the work.

They will appreciate the effort, the quality, and you.

And you'll get more work from them.

Which can be a very good thing indeed.



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